blogcomic – 152.0 A.C.

blogcomic - 152.0

Okay, so I didn’t just move hoses and sprinklers around, and I didn’t actually reach out and grab running sprinklers by their heads more than once or twice – I usually walked over to wherever the faucet was and turned the water off first. But between walking back and around and around and forth and around and around and back again to check on and move and adjust the pressure on all the hoses and sprinklers, plus the water siphoning through the three-inch hose, plus walking back to the three water boxes again and again to be sure the pipes that were supposed to be plugged stayed plugged and the doors that were supposed to be open stayed open (or closed just the right amount) so that neighbors’ yards wouldn’t flood and we would get enough water but not too much and then running back and forth across the highway to be sure we aren’t running water out all over the place because something moved or the water flow rate changed or something… plus a little walking up and down a ladder again and again to check on the water level in the tank during that part of the operation, and after about three hours of this I ended up a little tired and a little sore.

So, that’s the most interesting thing I did today, I think…

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