Novel update –

Nothing. I keep writing nothing. Getting no pages done. This afternoon I came home from work and .. I don’t even remember if I looked at my mail at first, but I decided to lay down for a short nap. I set an alarm to wake me up after 30 minutes, and two and a half hours later, my phone rang; Angela couldn’t get in the front door because I’d locked the deadbolt. The three hours I’d thought I could get some writing done in, I slept through. Then I had to choose between two shows; normally I’d watch one and tape the other, but I didn’t want to miss Dinotopia, so was already taping that. A little more TV. Then grocery shopping, now sleep. No writing. Except this.

That comic I posted earlier? I actually wrote a week’s worth of comics while I was watching Sunday night TV. Multi-tasking. Except I can’t seem to type or even really concentrate on coming up with ideas for the novel while I watch TV. So, you may see some more comics as I continue to watch TV and continue to feel bad about lost productivity while watching TV. Tomorrow, at least a few pages. I’m sure of it.

I hope.

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