Who needs stinking internet access?

So, it looks like what I’m going to do is just not have internet access at my new home until July 28th, and Iain and Woody WILL have internet access until that time. This will be the most efficient way to wade through Sprint BBD’s shit, and will be of financial benefit to Iain.

I can certainly live without internet access in my home for a few weeks. I have it here at work. That just means that you’ll end up with less entries here for the month of July. Fewer late-night ramblings. Maybe that’ll let me get even MORE done in the physical world. Maybe it will drive me mad. It is so hard sometimes to know what effect something will have on someone when it is taken away.

I’m just beginning to feel the effects of her moving to Spain. This is certainly the time to take something else that feels like it is a natural, essential part of my life away.

It already hurts.

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