Time is (not) time again

Today seems to be going by very quickly. I (intentionally) didn’t get much sleep last night, and this morning seems to have walked past me in a haze. I noticed that I had got to the last glass of my first half-gallon without going to the bathroom, then remembered getting up to go to the bathroom just moments before. I could not remember more than the first few steps of the trip, and then only because I stopped to say hello to someone. Like, I didn’t really get up, but the memory of it has been planted in my head so that when I try to think back, it is there. Doesn’t worry me that this might be true; just another little quirk of the world I’m immersed in.

I’m thinking of taking up sleeping from when I get home until 10 or 11 at night, then using the whole of the night to get things done. To get things done, I will need to make a list or something; my memory and motivation seem not to do the trick.

There is so much reading that I ought to be doing. There are so many books that I want to read. There are so many things that seem like they would be more appropriate than reading at whatever particular moment I’m at. I should be packing by now. I’m hoping to move in two weeks. I’m also hoping to have a party in one week, so I can’t pack too much. or maybe I can. I’ll have to just start doing it, and as it gets done, decide whether or not I can/should pack things.

Parties are expensive. I’m glad I’m not having them anymore.

I’ve been trying to get all the relevant information into Quicken lately to try to calculate when I’ll reach solvency. When my net worth will be positive, that is. Interestingly, I’ve started setting aside money into savings instead of just putting it ALL towards paying off my debt. Just a little. Like, I have my company automatically putting 3% of my gross income into a 401k, and I’m just putting the same amounts into my savings account. Still paying off the debt as quickly as I can, but … I don’t know how much this move will cost me in the end, so I’m having trouble budgeting around it, but I’ve been working on budgeting the money I’ll have AFTER the move pretty closely. I still haven’t decided how much and of what i can give up. Maybe I’ll have cable with just a dozen premium channels. Maybe no cable. Maybe I’ll stop using my phone (that hasn’t worked out yet, I don’t really expect it to) as much. Blah blah blah. If you’ve been reading here for long, you’ve read all this before.

I’ve read all this before.

It occurred to be today that Sara may be in a position now to be reading this. Weird.

My phone bill is extra low this month because it was extra high last month & I had to call them and have an adjustment made. Overall, the bills average out to no change at all. The same, high charge I pay every month. I’m trying to get it to tell me how many minutes I used, but it refuses to load the page. I guess I can wait for the physical bill to arrive and tell me that I didn’t use enough minutes to justify the plan I chose. Stupid minutes.

Spend less than you earn. Eat less than you burn. Save money, lose weight, die skinny and leave an inheritance.

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