Today is Friday

[post transcribed from a paper journal]

Today is Friday, the 8th of December.

Which might not mean much to you, and it might not mean much to me either. Alas, it does.

This morning, around the same time I was trying to make myself get out of bed, my girlfriend (Addie) was driving off towards the airport. Today she leaves for Europe, where she will spend the next 10 days with her brother. She has never been to Europe, and it should be very interesting and educational for her. She doesn’t know exactly which countries she’ll be visiting, or how she’ll be spending her time – it’s to be a surprise – but I’m sure her brother has a wonderful week planned for her.

Then again, as she frolicks about in Europe, I get to set around here, doing normal, everyday things. Except that now I have a week (and more) of time that Addie won’t be there for. Luckily, I’m such a lonely person that if one important person, say . . . Addie, wasn’t there to talk to or do things with, I would have no one else. I would be (am now) able to sit around all day staring at the walls, counting the microseconds as they slowly tick by. I can now lay around depressed with no one to bring me up, no one who loves me. Too bad it’s only going to last 10 days. Maybe I can get bad enough to kill myself.

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