overstressed and undersexed

[post transcribed from a paper journal]

Several times during the past few weeks, people have been telling me, for one reason or another, that I am “overstressed and undersexed.” I usually say something along the lines of “Well, duh!” This weekend, at a workshop that I was attending, I took a stress test where a score of 50 was low stress, 100 was moderate, 200-250 was high, and 350 and higher was “Maximum” for staying alive. I scored 1247 points, putting me with the ranks of the dead. Apparently the level of stress that I’m under should have killed me by now . . . I wonder why it hasn’t yet. I asked the teacher if there was some way that my score could possibly be wrong, and she said that I should only take points for things that had actually caused me stress. My score quickly dropped to 0, but perhaps I’m wrong, because I’m under so much stress that I can’t tell what’s stressful anymore . . .

Oh, and since I’m a virgin AND celibate, I’ve never had sex and never will. This was not my intention ten years ago when I vowed celibacy; at that time the word celibate meant unmarried, and because of my knowledge of the way that marriage effects people, I decided that I didn’t want to do it. But, keeping up with the times, I also now have a vow not to have sex.

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