Strange things are afoot

[post transcribed from a paper journal]

Reality, that mindless whole that is everything we know and believe, seems to have reared its twisted head at me once again. If such chaotic occurrences were not so random and earth-shattering, or even if they were within the bounds of some sort of logical reasoning, I might be able to deal with them in some reasonable fashion. However, as a result of the absolute lack of understanding I have for these things, I become at least partially unglued when they occur.

This time, as Reality ripped itself free of its normal constraints all around me, I noticed a few things were going wrong. Wednesday evening, I got arrested. Thursday, on my birthday, I was so over-whelmed with the goings-on (* I received some toothpaste and cold medicine after sleeping most of the day *) that I didn’t complete the essay due on Friday, Friday nothing too catastrophic happened, but Saturday I had to leave town untill well after sundown. Then, at 3:30 on Sunday morning I was awakened to find that my girlfriend had not made it home that night. I spent the next 7 hours trying to find her; she showed up at home an hour later, with absolutely no explanation for me.

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