Something in the air…

[post transcribed from a paper journal]

It’s not that I’m having a bad day, although I am, ot that either of the past two days were bad, although they were. It’s more than that, which has lead me to create 100mph winds, heavy rain and scattered hail one evening, and pounding rain the next. That the friendly meteorologists said that it was drying out and not to expect rain for a faw months doesn’t matter; I can bring clouds in under their noses in under an hour. I suppose it has something to do with all the bad things that have been happenning to me of late that are causing me to feel like I need a rain-storm powerful enough to knock two of our trees into the neighbor’s yard to help make me feel better. It’s just that sometimes I need a little release, and have found it inappropriate to take my own stresses out on the people around me directly. Or on me directly; I ate a pound of Oreos last night… not even an upset stomach or a gained pound to show for it. Oh well….

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